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The future is ahead...

Posted by
Linerberry (Herne Bay, United Kingdom) on 15 January 2009 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

I love this image of the path leading to who knows where....that is how life is. Who knows what is around the corner...live each day to the full! Its often hard to do, but remind youself each day that this day will never be again and you must take everything from it that you can.
Ooo, what happened to me then???? Must be my 200th post and I'm getting a bit crazy lol!!!
Thank you everyone for your continued support, comments and wonderful friendships:-)

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Jen from United States

Beautiful photo - it draws me in and makes me contemplate its meaning. Well done!

15 Jan 2009 5:11am

@Jen: Thank you so much for visiting jen:-)

Monique from Koh Samui, Afghanistan

Congrats on your 200th post and I hope many more will follow! And that's my motto too 'carpe diem'! Great shot with a beautiful depth and lovely colors.

15 Jan 2009 5:14am

@Monique: Thank you Monique and thank you for your constant support my friend:-)

jamesy from christchurch, New Zealand

I am pleased you had a reason of that peace of wisdom. I was wondering what had happened to you. This is one of your very best beautiful light and the path just pulls you into the photo. Congrats on 200 my friend and well done

15 Jan 2009 5:28am

@jamesy: Thank you Deb:-) I do have my moments of wisdom and self discovery! lol!

EYES WIDE SHUT from The library of my soul, United Kingdom

Carpe Diem has always been my motto, and to live each day as though it were my last has been my lifelong belief and quest. Take time to view the wonder in every scene. This is a beautiful planet, and we are privileged to enjoy our time here. Your photograph is absolutely gorgeous and perfect

15 Jan 2009 6:02am

@EYES WIDE SHUT: Thank you so much for a lovely comment and your comments recently, its been a pleasure to get to know you:-) I just think that so often we can get stuck and do not SEE! I am as guilty as the next person for doing this but I am really trying to change my view and to see each day as a unique day in life! Like I say...its not easy but just takes a bit of awareness of the moment! Thank you:-)

Jean-François from LES ISSAMBRES, France

its a dream ..................... magic dream !

15 Jan 2009 6:44am

@Jean-François: Thank you so much for your visit and comment:-)

Alun Lambert from cheshire, United Kingdom

lovely shot, the path leading in, very nice

15 Jan 2009 6:44am

@Alun Lambert: Thank you Alun!

Kylie Greenan from Richmond, Australia

Beautiful words Liners and I absolutely LOVE this image also, it goes so well with your thoughts and they ring very true with me at the moment. I have had a look at your work over the past few days also and I am loving the colour and the differnt feel to your images my friend. Great work!

15 Jan 2009 7:19am

@Kylie Greenan: Ah Kyles, thank you so much for your lovely comments and i do appreciate you going back and checking my images:-)
Thank you so much for your email the other day it was really great to hear from you. I will reply tomorrow whan i have the time to sit and have time with my lovely friend to talk:-)
Big hugs across the ditch my friend:-) XX

Kylie Greenan from Richmond, Australia

PS, happy 200th post!! :o)

15 Jan 2009 7:21am

@Kylie Greenan: Cheers my lovely:-)

Kathryn from Warburton, Australia

wowie 200th!!! CONGRATULATIONS my friend!!!! it's the path to the many wonderful images around the corner too! a really beautiful image this one!

15 Jan 2009 7:22am

@Kathryn: Thank you Kathryn and thank you for your lovely comments and support!! Has Kaha kiwi got to you yet? sorry I keep asking as I am sure you will tell when he does:-) Cheers mate:-)

Kathryn from Warburton, Australia

He actually just arrived this morning! He has spent the day adventuring around the house and garden, introducing himself to family and friends, undertaken lots of sunbaking and is now listening to music! whoah... busy day! haha! I just posted a photo of him on his site - check it out here

15 Jan 2009 8:01am

Linerberry from Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand

Heheh wonderful!!! Thanks for the update off to the site now:-)

15 Jan 2009 8:18am

k@ from Paris, France

Love those perspectives of yours ! Hope is such a great feeling (and your colors are stunning----)

15 Jan 2009 9:32am

@k@: Thank you K@

Alivia from Saint-Etienne, France

Comme tu le dis, la vie est un peu folle et l'on devrait profiter de chaque jour comme si c'était le dernier, j'aime ton idée de chemin de nulle part qui va vers un destin..le notre...un chemin tout en courbe et en sinuosités..comme la vie avec ses travers..tu nous ravis de ta photo mais aussi des pensées qu'elle exprimr, merci à toi.

15 Jan 2009 10:52am

@Alivia: Thank you for such a lovley comment!

zOOm from Paris, France

A Yellow Brick Road (almost) ! :-)

15 Jan 2009 11:36am

@zOOm: Could be!!

Eric Fry from Houston, TX, United States

Congrats on your 200th post, Caroline!This is a great photo; such lush greens!

I'm so glad to have met you here on Aminus3; you've been a great source of inspiriation and support for me.

15 Jan 2009 11:36am

@Eric Fry: That is so sweet of you to say so Eric, I always say that friendsships work both ways so...DITTO my friend:-)

dobbino from Cape Town, South Africa

Wonderful image with which to celebrate your 200th post! Well done and I wish you many, many more. Take care.

15 Jan 2009 1:47pm

@dobbino: Thanks heaps Rob!!

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Beautiful view into the future, and I love what you wrote, bravo Berry Boo ;)

15 Jan 2009 2:23pm

@Lorraine: Thanks heaps Lorryloo:-)

Manuel from Spain

What incredible photo. Great shot.

15 Jan 2009 3:12pm

@Manuel: Thank you Manuel:-)

Rui from Leiria, Portugal

Congratulations on your 200th.
Fantastic view. And you're right in your thoughts. Life is an ending road, we just don't know where it stops.

15 Jan 2009 3:27pm

@Rui: Thank you so much Rui:-)

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

If life would be like this beautiful path, I wouldn't complain. :-)
Congrats on your #200, wouldn't like to miss your views from NZ!

15 Jan 2009 4:13pm

@MadScientist: You are too kind ms...thank you:-)

Anthony Lambert from Bielefeld, Germany

A wonderfully composed shotLucky there´s no barbed wire to tear your petticoat on !! Oh by the way,hope the bladders not to full,it´s a long way home from here..................

15 Jan 2009 5:00pm

@Anthony Lambert: Thanks Anthony:-) Hehehe my Bro giving away my most embarrassing moments!!! I wonder if the word petticoat makes me sound about 100 years old?

Shirin Moosavi from Tehran, Iran

Congratulations on your 200ht post! May there be another 200, 300, 1000 wonderful posts like this :)

15 Jan 2009 7:01pm

@Shirin Moosavi: You are very kind Shirin, thank you:-)

Veronelle from Lens, France

superb ambiance

15 Jan 2009 7:18pm

@Veronelle: Thank you V:-)

Suzanne from Huntington Bch, United States

A fairy tale setting...beautiful.

15 Jan 2009 7:23pm

@Suzanne: Thank you Suzanne:-)

Charles from New York, United States

Nice shot and even better narrative.

15 Jan 2009 8:02pm

@Charles: Very kind Charles thank you:-)

Aurélie from Bretagne, France

Congratulations on your 200th. A lovely shot. Great colours and what a charming place !!

15 Jan 2009 8:10pm

@Aurélie: Thank you so much:-)

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal

Great message. Lovely image.
Congrats on your 200th post.

15 Jan 2009 8:20pm

@Ana Lúcia: Thank you so much Ana:-)

Bookfool from Mississippi, United States

Lovely, very atmospheric. And, I like your thoughts. Happy 200th!

15 Jan 2009 8:21pm

@Bookfool: Thank you BF ( i like the way your initials could stand for Best Friend:-)

Alphons from Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

The future is welcoming and beautiful. Very nice looking through.

15 Jan 2009 9:00pm

@Alphons: A lovely comment thank you Alphons:-)

Elena Kotrotsou from Drossia, Greece

I wonder how the future will be, that's one of the biggest questions of my life. I love this symbolic image!

15 Jan 2009 9:12pm

@Elena Kotrotsou: Thank you Elena. Your future is the next minute and the minute after that, so enjoy them all:-)

Judy from Brooksville-Florida,, United States

Congratulations on your 200th post, my friend ... and what a lovely image for your celebration!
If only everyone could (or would) live each day to the fullest! I enjoyed your introspective words.

15 Jan 2009 9:27pm

@Judy: Thank you so much Judy and thank you for your kind and lovely words you posted on my Bro's site, very sweet:-)

Maxine from Rangiora, New Zealand

CONGRATS 200 posts! Great one too! The philosopher will pop out at times like this!

15 Jan 2009 9:41pm

@Maxine: Thanks Maxine! When I reach 300 I'm going to have a BBQ with you and jamesy:-)

djedfre from schaumburg, United States

HAPPY 200th!!! (and a good one, too!) each and every day would be an accomplishment! i figure as long as long as i hit a few goals now and then (and at least try for the others) - and don't screw up the rest of it too badly - i'm ahead of the game! Here's to the next 100 (and beyond)!

15 Jan 2009 10:25pm

@djedfre: Lovely words my friend:-) And thank you:-)

Bro from United Kingdom

Fantastic! Was NZ at the front of the queue when they gave out colour or do you take crayons with you and shade everything in before you shoot?

15 Jan 2009 11:32pm

@Bro: I have my crayons with me, you know that Bro!!!
NZ is very lush and green thought this time of year everything is looking a bit parched!!

JJ from Jersey City, United States

Congrats on 200th post, and its a superb one, I love the mystery of where the path leads, and the gorgeous colors

15 Jan 2009 11:33pm

@JJ: Thanks heaps jj:-)

Observing from West Cheshire, United Kingdom

....I'm getting a bit crazy lol!!! That's fine... join the club :-0 I like your garden path, gawd knows why because I don't know where its going..... now thats crazy.

16 Jan 2009 12:56am

@Observing: Hehehe just realised what terrible English i used there!!! Thanks for the comment Mike:-)

Lesley from Lincoln, United States

Love this photo!! Might be one to frame and hang in your little guest house.
Congrats on your milestone post! I've enjoyed all your pix and am so pleased to have met you through AM3. Looking forward to the next 200.

16 Jan 2009 11:43am

@Lesley: Thank you so much Lesley...lovely to meet you too:-)

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

While I like the shot, I can't help but think a path without the concrete would provide a more pleasant experience.

16 Jan 2009 5:46pm

@Twelvebit: And perhaps you are right:-) each path has its own make-up, so does life:-) thank you:-)

willow from Chelsea, United States

What an inviting path!!! I'd follow it anywhere. Beautiful image and thoughts. Happy 200!!!

18 Jan 2009 1:33am

@willow: You are very kind:-)

Daniel from Córdoba, Spain

A very suggestive image.

22 Jan 2009 8:33pm

@Daniel: Thank you:-)

kylie from Shanghai, China

Beautiful colours and thoughtful image. It seems that your style is changing a lot recently, your images are becoming deeper and more thought inspiring. I love this creative side of you, cant wait to see more!

22 Feb 2009 6:11am

@kylie: What a beautiful comment Kylie...thank you:-)

Zohre from Tehran, Iran

so beautiful

26 Jul 2013 2:29pm

1/100 second
ISO 125
6 mm