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Walking on Water!
19 July 2008

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Mamo at Sunrise
14 July 2008

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Yellow Eyed Penguin
12 July 2008

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8 July 2008

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Tower Glass
2 July 2008

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28 June 2008

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River Lights
26 June 2008

Recent Comments

Curly on Hay where 'd ferry go??
•♪ღ♪*•¸¸¸ ...

Eric Fry on Hay where 'd ferry go??
Merry Christmas, BerryBoo!

B. Thomas on Hay where 'd ferry go??
Just discovered you are back, but now you are gone again??? I still do Silly Tuesday each week. ;-)

Curly on Hay where 'd ferry go??
Hmmm.....just when I thought I'd found an airfield control tower :-)

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Hay where 'd ferry go??
A ship hiding in a bush :-)

Ruthiebear on Hay where 'd ferry go??
It does look kind of odd in this surrounding.

Mhelene on Hay where 'd ferry go??
A very beautiful composition .

grouser on Hay where 'd ferry go??
It appears to have 'landed' :0

Alun on Hay where 'd ferry go??
Haha, great spot

LauraS on Hay where 'd ferry go??
Very good! Happy ST.

Judy aka L@dybug on Hay where 'd ferry go??
That's a funny shot! It looks like the ferry is going under a grassy bridge of some sort. Happy ST!

Alun on Herne Bay Sunset
Really stunning image, lovely glow

Jeff on Herne Bay Sunset
Love it, puts me in the mood for bed, really dreamy.

Judy aka L@dybug on Herne Bay Sunset
Curly stated it perfectly ... this is a gorgeous image!

Curly on Herne Bay Sunset
Dreamy top half, perfect sharp bottom half, a wonderful sensation.

Aubélia on Herne Bay Sunset
Beautiful photo. Have a great day.

grouser on ...and finally IV
Ouch that just gave me a crick in the neck:) Great viewpoint

Anthony Morgan Lambert on ...and finally IV
Superb POV.. A Grand Weekend to you as well !!

Soheil on You guessed it III
great shot

Mhelene on You guessed it III
Beautiful angle !

Jeff on You guessed it III
Come on girl get off your bum and lets see the rest of the place. ;>))

Judy aka L@dybug on You guessed it III
Symmetry at its best ... and a captured feathered friend!

Anthony Morgan Lambert on You guessed it III
What did i guess !!?? Brilliant composition,how Long did you wait for that crow to fly into Frame ?

Jeff on Reculver monochrome II
Lying down on the job again, good shot though. ;>))

Mhelene on Reculver monochrome II
Superb framing !

Judy aka L@dybug on Reculver monochrome II
What a wonderful place for these angled shots toward the sky!

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Reculver monochrome II
Cracking POV,nice lines and the B+W is spot on.

grouser on Reculver monochrome II
Great viewpoint. The B/W works well

Mhelene on ST toilet humour
Un lavoir ! Great capture of the siogn . Happy ST !

Jeff on ST toilet humour
Thanks pal, that's put me right off the Laver bread and cockles I was having for my dinner tonight...What a bummer ...

Judy aka L@dybug on ST toilet humour
I love the greenery and the little pink flower that survive in this place! Happy ST!

grouser on ST toilet humour
not STill in use I hope

Curly on Prague Castle
Excellent contrasty shot.

Curly on ST toilet humour
Sometimes I wish we were forced to speak Latin again, it would be good for the education system :-)

Calusarus on Reculver monochrome I
A nice architecture shot. The B&W is really welcome,

john4jack on Reculver monochrome I
wonderful rock construction

Jeff on Reculver monochrome I
And there was me wondering what sort of black and white finish reculver was, thick or what ??, I've been away too ...

Judy aka L@dybug on Reculver monochrome I
The stone texture is so clear in this mono, with strong lines!

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Reculver monochrome I
Lovely lines,lovely textures..

Calusarus on Keeping Guard
I remember these soldiers. Nice mood here

Judy aka L@dybug on Keeping Guard
Yes, it does look cold..........!

Mhelene on Keeping Guard
Superb photo !!

grouser on Keeping Guard
Brrr the cool tones match the winter clothes perfectly

Calusarus on The Vitus Cathedral
Very nice. I really like this interesting light

Judy aka L@dybug on The Vitus Cathedral
I like your PoV and all lines pointing heavenward!

Mhelene on The Vitus Cathedral
Framing and colors are stunning and beautiful !

grouser on The Vitus Cathedral
nice framing. The angle adds drama

Alex on Prague Castle
Excellent! Two thumbs up!

Calusarus on Prague Castle
I remember this beautiful cathedral

Judy aka L@dybug on Prague Castle
Wonderful shot ... is this a castle or a cathedral?

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